I wish I could be a child again...Do you?

When i was little my parents used to tell me, " Your childhood days are the best days of your life. Enjoy them while they last." i never listened to them at that time. I'm only 17, going on 18soon, but I'm already starting to feel the weight of "growing up" on my shoulders. Sometimes its hard to face the reality of it, because inside I still feel like my young, goofy self. Nowadays I need to shape up and act a lot more serious than I'm used to. It's a big change and I wish I would have taken advantage of all the free time I had when I was a kid.
I was lucky to have
a very happy childhood ..
I took with me a lot of
good memories
that keep me young at heart
despite growing old.
I'll never lose the heart
and spirit of a child.
It will always
make me

Nicole Dextras

Weedrobes, ephemeral sculptures by Nicole Dextras.
via: booooooom.com


artist of the week

She's' a 24 year old freelancer based in London, England.I love her art.She loves colour, pattern, shapes, communincation and typography.She's also run a colourful project at: www.randomgotbeautiful.com.


I'm not a kid,not yet an adult

Yesterday was one of the greatest but at the same time the saddest day in my life.
It was great because i am done with my mandatory education,
but it was incredibly sad because of all the people i may never see again,
people i saw and talked with everyday..

todayssong:  Benji Hughes-Waiting for an invitation











Trapped in the past, i just can't seem to move on.I need inspiration 
not just another negotiation.


time machine

I remember it like it was yesterday...